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We are HR consultants and we help companies think differently about Human Resources, Culture, Customers, Competition and the Future.


We consider the priorities of the business and the value created for the external customer in everything we do. We challenge our clients to think about how their HR work processes can become a competitive advantage for the organization.

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Our Services

The HR consultants at BMG Consulting have nearly 20 years of experience working in a number of multinational HR organizations. As a result, the HR consulting services we are capable of providing encompass a broad spectrum of HR disciplines.

HR Consulting

We have been fortunate to work for some great companies and have participated in many exciting HR projects.

Leveraging these experiences, along with our continuous learning mindset, we are capable of partnering with you on most HR disciplines ... similar to other consulting firms. 

However, what you will find different about BMG is our relentless attention to the value HR is generating for the customer.

We start every engagement by gaining an understanding of what is different about your company.


We love working with small to midsize companies on developing people strategies. What makes it so great is the opportunity to make a HUGE difference!

For companies this size, an effective people strategy often determines whether the company will survive or not.

We start by helping you define a set of organizational traits that are required to win against your competition. They are unique to your organization and specific to your industry.

To keep costs manageable for small businesses, we offer small businesses workshops on occasion.

Career Exploration

While not necessarily seen as traditional HR consulting, we realized that we have a passion for helping individuals explore career options that fit them.

We have observed high school students that struggle with the decision regarding a career and college decision. A college degree is a big investment so it is important to try to get it right!

We believe that people are happiest in careers that best fit them. As such, we have chosen the MBTI assessment tool to center career exploration around a person's type.

We combine the MBTI assessment with our experience around career choice, recruitment, and employee selection to provide counsel to individuals.